Dauntless Latest Return To Light Patch Arrives Today With A New Escalation

dauntless mmorpg return to light alyra artwork

Dauntless players will finally get the chance to complete their Radiant elemental gear sets when the latest Return to Light season update launches today. Patch 1.10.3 features the new Radiant Escalation encounter where the shape-shifting Behemoth, Chronovore, awaits in the final arena. The new Escalation will also be the first one with a puzzle mechanic that will grant players a much-needed extra advantage when they go up against Chronovore.

“In addition to the usual mods, amps, talents, rewards, and more that players have come to expect, this Escalation adds a new puzzling wrinkle – each of the first four rounds will have a hidden symbol to find and recall later in the run. Players need to input the correct sequence of symbols into a set of rotating pillars – correct entry will grant an extra amp selection before entering the final arena.”

Following the update’s release, Chronovore will permanently be removed from Paradox Breaks and will only be available in Radiant Escalation. This includes his gear, legendary weapons, rumors, and all other equipment and quests associated with the Behemoth. Lightbound Koshai will also be joining Chronovore as one of the other Behemoths that players will be facing in the new encounter.

The update will also introduce a new winged Behemoth called Alyra to Paradox Breaks. The Alyra’s ability to reshape its radiant power gives it access to a wide variety of elemental attacks ranging from breathing fire and summoning freezing winds to sending out shockwaves and creating poisonous zones.

Patch 1.10.3 rolls out at 10:00am PDT today. You can now check out the full patch notes ahead of its launch on the Dauntless official site. You can also catch a preview of the new Escalation encounter in the brand new trailer below.

Dauntless | Radiant Escalation Trailer