Dauntless Adds Behemoth-Specific Warpikes, New Axe Combos, And New Ways To Explore The Shattered Isles

dauntless aether ventsSlayers will now have a bigger arsenal of weapons and combos to choose from, along with new ways to explore the Shattered Isles with the release of the latest Dauntless patch. Patch CB 0.3.7 introduces Warpikes for every Behemoth in the game. Slayers can now choose from a wider range of warpikes to suit their prey.

“Enhance your arsenal with the new addition of warpikes for every Behemoth in Dauntless. With the addition of these, we will have officially replaced all placeholder weapons and armours! Slayers will now have many more weapon choices as they take on more challenging Behemoths that stalk the Shattered Isles.”

The patch also adds new axe attacks and combos which culminate in powerful repeatable attacks. Charging up three tiers also grants axe users Resolve which will allow them to “power through any damage or interruptions and deal a mighty blow.” Taking risks definitely has its rewards.

Shrike, Skraev, and Moonreaver have also been reworked to make them more challenging. “We have overhauled their behaviours and attacks in an effort to make them less predictable and punishing, and more exciting and effervescent.”

Capping it all off is the introduction of new ways to explore the Shattered Isles in the form of traversal aether vents which will allow Slayers to explore their environment quicker and reach unexplored areas. There’s also quality of life improvements, audio-visual enhancements, and a new noob-friendly tutorial system.

You’ll find the full patch notes on the Dauntless official site.