Destiny 2 Players Will Get To Test Experimental PvP Modes According To New Development Roadmap

destiny 2 team newsBack in February, Bungie revealed a detailed Destiny 2 development roadmap which listed planned features up until the start of Season 3 and the release of the Warmind expansion. What now, you ask? Well, the studio has released a new roadmap listing features planned to be released over the next couple of months.

destiny 2 dev roadmap 0518

Expected features include the much-awaited Prestige modes, the return of Bounties, quality of life improvements, new gameplay modes, a new seasonal event, and a whole lot more. Bungie also plans to give players a “louder voice” in the game’s development with the release of Crucible Labs on May 29th. “Crucible Labs will give every player of Destiny 2 access to experimental PvP content,” says Design Lead Derek Carroll. “We’ll then have a chance to solicit your feedback to guide our final iterations. You'll learn more about Labs before launch.”

As always, roadmaps are far from definitive and may change over the next few months. We’ll keep you in the loop of any such changes. Meanwhile, here’s the official Warmind launch trailer just in case you missed it.