Destiny 2 Kicks Off Season Of The Haunted And Rolls Out Solar 3.0 Revamp

destiny 2 multiplayer fps solar 3.0 subclasses key art

Destiny 2 has kicked off its 17th season, Season of the Haunted, which comes with a big list of gameplay changes for the multiplayer first-person shooter. Of significant note is the addition of new daily and repeatable bounties and a new intro quest as well as major changes to weapon crafting, archetypes, exotics, perks, abilities, individual weapons, and classes.

Season of the Haunted also introduces the promised New Light Solar 3.0 updates which features major revamps the game’s Solar subclasses. Players now have access to the fully-overhauled Hunter, Titan, and Warlock subclasses, complete with new class, movement, and super abilities and new grenades for each class.

An overview of the Solar 3.0 revamp can be found in the video after the jump. You can also make your way over to the Destiny 2 official site to dive into the extensive patch notes.

Destiny 2: Season of the Haunted - Solar 3.0 - Developer Insight