Diablo Immortal Will Finally Be Launching In China After A Month’s Delay

diablo immortal mobile action rpg class lineup art banner

It’s been almost two months since Diablo Immortal officially launched all across the globe but Chinese players have yet to see it launch. The PC and mobile ARPG was supposed to launch in China on June 22nd along with other countries in the Asia Pacific but was delayed two days before launch due to unannounced reasons.

Back then, it was presumed that the delay could have something to do with either the game’s controversial pay-to-win lootboxes or a social media post that referenced Winnie the Pooh (a way of mocking Chinese President Xi Jin Ping). We now know that it was all about the post, as revealed by Bloomberg’s sources.

“In reality, the delay was due to a deleted social media post interpreted as criticism of Chinese President Xi Jinping, according to other people familiar with the situation,” wrote Bloomberg. “The official Diablo Immortal account that NetEase operates on the Chinese microblogging site Weibo has been blocked from posting for ‘violating relevant laws and regulations,’ according to a banner notice affixed to the feed.”

The good news is that Diablo Immortal will finally be launching in China on July 25th, although the announcement notes that the date is “still subject to last-minute changes.” We’ll find out if they can stick to the announced date come Monday.