MapleStory Kicks Out Donald Trump NPC Lookalike

I am disappointed to share that the latest MapleStory patch has removed an NPC that looked suspiciously like Donald Trump, sporting the same haircut and smile. The NPC, named "Donald," was a package deliverer, a serviceman who is pivotal to any MMORPG community: delivering the mail.

Funny enough, the character was added in 2011. Way before politics kicked up a storm.

Several years ago, the MapleStory game team introduced a Non-Player Character (NPC) named Donald. To avoid any misunderstanding, we have decided to replace Donald with a new NPC with the same functionality. The new character will appear on March 1 during our game update. Moving forward, we will strive to keep Maple World a politically neutral environment for all of our players.

That's too bad. MapleStory just Streisand Effected themselves. Most people had no idea, nor did they care, that there was an NPC in MapleStory named "Donald." I may be remembering wrong, but during our MapleStory Sunday Funday, we chuckled at the resemblance and then moved on. 

And thus ends the silliest news of the month. I hope. 

Remember kids, Make MMORPGs Great Again

Thanks to WatchGinatma for the tip.