Dragon Hound Game Director Reveals Details On Nexon's Monster Hunting Title

PC gaming may have been overshadowed by mobile at this year's G-Star in Korea, but Nexon offered us a few bright spots. Of the three PC titles Nexon's showcased, Dragon Hound is the newest and perhaps most exciting.

A Korean language interview with the game's director last week gave us the first details on this upcoming title, and thank's to a detailed write up by MMOCulture, we can get a glimpse of what Dragon Hound has to offer:

Dragon Hound is being developed by devCat, of Mabinogi and Vindictus fame.

The game engine is Unreal Engine 4 with PC as the target platform. The game will be free to play.

The game was originally pitched as a mobile side-scroller where players shot arrows whiling riding horses, but switched to a PC title incorporating guns, vehicles, steampunk, and diesel punk elements.

Players must select which weapon types to bring to hunts, each with different strengths and weaknesses. Both melee and ranged weapons are supported, and players will often have to switch between them to accomplish different tasks. No class restricts on weapon use are planned.

While comparisons between Monster Hunter World and Dauntless are obvious, developers also drew inspiration from World of Tanks. Unlike other Hunting games, players remain mounted during intense fights where they must chase down giant dragons and other enemies across vast environments.

Aiming at specific organs such as eyes, heart, lung, etc will deal more damage, but is not required to defeat monsters on casual difficulties. Many quests will require players to harvest certain organs rather than simply killing the beasts off.

There are no plans for PvP - end game content consists of very difficult monster hunts involving large groups of players.

Average monster take down time is planned at between 10-15 minutes.

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