Elyon Pre-Download Now Available, Early Character Creation Starts October 14

elyon character creation banner

After a short delay due to a backend platform issue, Elyon is now available for pre-downloading on Steam for those who pre-purchased the game and on the official site for everyone else. Early character creation, on the other hand, will be available starting at 7am PDT on October 14th until 1am on October 17th.

“Only one server on each region (EU, NA) will be available during Early Character Creation,” says Kakao Games. “During this period you will be able to create up to 3 characters and choose their names – please note that while naming your characters will be possible, we are not reserving them to your account and they may be released in the future if certain conditions are met (eg. long period of inactivity).”

Meanwhile, the 72-hour headstart for those who pre-purchased the game and bought the new packages is still on track for October 17th with servers scheduled to come online early in the morning at 5am PDT. Official launch is still scheduled for October 20th at 7am PDT.

As with all popular MMO launches, expect long queues on launch day although Kakao already has a contingency plan in place should the queue times get out of hand.

“The service will begin with one server per region – in the scenario where the player queue is too long, we will be opening additional servers proportionally to the queue,” assures the team. “Nevertheless, our efforts are focused on keeping the number of servers to a minimum and the concurrent player capacity of each set as high as possible without hindering performance.”

More information can be found on the Elyon official site.