Embark On An Epic Pirate Adventure In Sea Of Thieves When Tall Tales Arrives On April 30th

sea of thieves skeleton lordIf you’re itching for a break from all the PvP in Sea of Thieves, then you’ll be happy to know that the PvE side of the game is getting a much-needed update. Rare is beefing up the Sea of Thieves narrative with the release of Tall Tales – Shores of Gold next week.

“Tall Tales – Shores of Gold takes pirates through a series of interconnected tales of wonder and discovery, exploring the stories of those who live on the Sea of Thieves. Revel in the quintessential pirate adventure as you embark upon a quest for a lost island, long believed to be mythical.”

In Shores of Gold, players embark on a cinematic pirate adventure where they’ll discover new locations, meet quirky characters, battle new enemies, solve challenging puzzles, and avoid fiendish traps while learning about the legends and myths that abound in the high seas.

Excited yet? Tall Tales –Shores of Gold officially launches on April 30th. Check out the official update trailer below or head over to the teaser site to learn more about what’s coming.