Epic Games Vs. Apple Trial Confidential Information Leaks Hinder Proceedings

fortnite hero lineupThe Epic Games vs Apple trial is well underway and the historic showdown has resulted in some pretty big revelations. Most of these revelations were supposed to be confidential, including the fact that Sony is charging developers for cross-platform play on PlayStation, but by the magic of the internet it’s now common knowledge.

Of course, most of us already knew about the PlayStation thing but what we didn’t know is that Walmart is apparently working on a cloud gaming service of their own. The Walmart bomb is just one example of trade secrets and proprietary information from third-party companies that were revealed during the trial. This has resulted in numerous requests for confidentiality from companies that have just realized that the documents they submitted may reveal information that they’d rather keep from the general public.

According to a report by IGN, these on-the-spot motions have halted proceedings multiple times since the trial started. “I have received — I don't know what, ten? — motions from third parties asking me to seal information,” said Judge Yvonne Gonzales Rogers in exasperation.

Emails from both companies’ executives have also been submitted as evidence in the trial. One email from 2015 shows Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney casually asking Apple CEO Tim Cook to drastically change how the AppStore works. Rather than reply to the unsolicited email, a confused Cook forwarded the email to his fellow executives asking, “Is this the guy that was at one of our rehearsals?”

Another email from 2019 has Sweeney profusely apologizing to Ubisoft executives for an Epic Games Store issue that resulted in pirates and scammers going to town on copies of The Division 2 and accounting for 70-90% of all fraudulent transactions in the game.

Meanwhile, all concerned parties are doing all they can to plug the leaks. We’ll keep you posted as the trial unfolds.