Fan-Made StarCraft Universe Enters Limited Open Beta, Launches IndieGoGo Campaign


It's been five years since the StarCraft 2 online RPG total conversion mod StarCraft Universe first surfaced, but it has finally entered limited Open Beta. Players can now play through each of the game's three prologues and a limited version of "Beyond Koprulu." The full version of Beyond Koprulu will launch after a quick IndieGoGo campaign. The launch isn't dependent upon the success of the campaign. The team wanted to give those who didn't have a chance to back the project during its Kickstarter campaign another chance to support it while also gathering funds that will be used to support the game post-release.

The Open Beta can be downloaded now from the StarCraft 2 Arcade. It is said that you can even play it with only the Starter Edition of StarCraft 2.