Final Fantasy XV Coming to PC in 2018, Releases 4K Reveal Trailer

It's finally happening! After much talk, Final Fantasy XV is coming to the PC. Some people could say they say this coming, especially with the director of FFXV, Hajime Tabata, saying he'd like to see FFXV on the PC, but did any of us expect it to be this soon?

Square Enix has been quietly moving the Final Fantasy series to Steam, with games such as the Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy being available. All of the classic games, from I to IX are available as well. Final Fantasy XIV is a premier PC MMORPG. But to see FFXV announced this soon? It's surprising.

The PC version of FFXV will come with 4K High-Resolution textures, support for Dolby Atmos, and a slew of Nvidia technologies, such as HairWorks, TurfEffects, Ansel, and the entire GameWorks suite. Even a First Person Camera mode is being listed as a feature.

Final Fantasy XV will come to the Windows 10 Store, Steam, and Origin, in Early 2018. You can catch the stunning 4K trailer down below!