Fire Emblem Heroes Takes Google Play's "Best Game" Award in Japan

We don't typically cover much Fire Emblem Heroes news here, but this is definitely something worth mentioning. On the other side of the world, Google Play hosted an awards ceremony, for the best apps on the Google Play Store. This is different than the Google Play Awards that took place earlier this year, back in May of 2017, and appears to be specific to Japan.

And in Japan, Fire Emblem Heroes took the Best Game of 2017 award. Currently, FEH sits at the 7th spot in Japan's top grossing apps, and is also the 87th most downloaded app (specific to the Games category). For reference, Fate/Grand Order sits at 4th most grossing app in the Google Play store, Puzzles & Dragons takes the 3rd spot, and Monster Strike is the most grossing app in Japan.

When commenting on their win, representatives of Nintendo EPD and Intelligent Systems were surprised at their victory. This just goes to show that a game does not need to make the most amount of money, or be the most downloaded, to be considered the best.