Get A Free Halo-Inspired Ship In Sea Of Thieves This Week

sea of thieves halo spartan shipCrossover promotions seem to be the marketing strategy of choice for the entertainment industry in the past couple of months and it looks like Sea of Thieves is jumping into the bandwagon with their Halo crossover promo.

I know what you’re thinking but no, Master Chief isn’t going to magically slipspace jump into the pirate-themed MMO anytime soon. Although that might be a cool idea. The devs, however, will be giving away a free Halo-inspired ship. A pirate ship to be more specific, just in case you’re thinking of a different ship.

The promo is part of Rare’s Arena launch celebrations. To get the free ship, players simply need to play in either Adventure or Arena mode at least once until Friday, June 14th 3:59pm PDT (Saturday, June 15th 11:59pm BST).

Meanwhile, here’s some interesting statistics from the Arena’s first month.

“Throughout the month, competing crews have earned more than 2.6 billion pieces of Sea Dogs silver by finding chests, sinking ships and fighting off rival crews. And there’s been a lot of fighting, with almost 40m cannonballs being fired (at an impressive hit rate of 42%), helping to send more than 700,000 ships to the bottom of the ocean and dispatching pirates to the Ferry of the Damned 5.5m times. The most active Arena player so far managed to rack up an astounding 1,413 matches in the first month, averaging just under 50 matches a day. Many other impressive records have also been set, with one player recording 6,735 kills during the month and another digging up over 4,000 chests.”

Check out the promo teaser below. Oh, and you’ll also find the new Anniversary trailer right after that.