Get Destiny 2 For Free On BattleNet Until November 18

destiny 2 bannerDestiny 2 is celebrating its first year on BattleNet and Bungie is marking the occasion by giving away free copies of the game to existing BattleNet subscribers from November 2 to November 18. Don’t have a BattleNet account? You can also get the game for free by creating a new account during the said dates.

“Existing players of Destiny 2 PC will receive an exclusive emblem not available anywhere else, which becomes available in December, to commemorate the first anniversary of being on Additionally, new Guardians will have the opportunity to try out Destiny 2: Forsaken’s new mode “Gambit,” from November 9th through 11th 2018, during the Gambit Free Weekend. Gambit is a 4v4 hybrid activity included with Destiny 2: Forsaken.”

You can redeem you free copy on the Blizzard Entertainment website. The free copy of the game only includes pre-Forsaken content. “We know Destiny players that want to play on PC expect an amazing experience, whether it’s on their own or with their friends -- so, our paramount concern was to keep the discerning requirements of the PC community in mind, and welcoming the and Bungie PC communities together,” says Destiny 2 Game Director Steve Cotton. “With this gift we look forward to seeing new Guardians in our universe.”