Gigantic's Season of Souls Update is Now Live

gigantic grenn

The stylish cartoony action MOBA Gigantic launched its Season of Souls update today on all platforms (PC / Xbox One). The update introduces a brand new playable hero to the game called Ezren Ghal the Necromancer along with a new map called Ember Grove. Also included in the update are some other small additions like new profile icons, text chat during hero confirmation, improved bot matches, UI tweaks, new skins, and more.

Check out the Season of Souls Update Trailer below which shows off the new Hero Ezren Ghal and the new map Ember Grove:

Despite having a pretty active launch (hitting 8,303 concurrent players on Steam), Gigantic's playerbase numbers have been in steady decline for months. Over the last 30 days the game has averaged only 432 players online on Steam. Declining playerbase numbers are especially worrisome for MOBAs because as playerbase declines the new player experience becomes extremely frustrating because new players get matched with most experienced players resulting in losses and frustration. Time will tell whether Perfect World can turn things around. As-is it looks like League of Legends continues to dominate the MOBA scene.