You Gotta 'Lob' The New Dauntless Grenades

dauntless grenade aiming arcGrenades, when used properly, can be highly-effective in neutralizing enemies in a small radius, or at least keep them at bay long enough for you to do something else. Now imagine using them against massive behemoths in Dauntless. Phoenix Labs will be introducing grenades into the monster-slaying MMORPG later today which should breathe new life into the game’s combat. Not that it’s gotten stale with all the reworks and additions that the studio has rolled out since the game officially launched.

“In Dauntless, grenades are crafted and equipped like consumables, sharing inventory space with tonics, pylons, and airstrike beacons. Equip them from your loadout screen to bring them into battle. Once you’re in the field, select a grenade to automatically enter throwing position. The arcing line shows you the path your grenade will take when thrown. Use it to aim, then lob that thing with all your might.


Five types of grenades will be added into the game, each with different effects which can come in handy in different situations. These are: barrage, inferno, concussive, coldsnap, and transfusion. You can check them out in the series of videos below. You can also head over to the Dauntless official site to learn more.

Barrage Grenade

Inferno Grenade

Concussive Grenade

Coldsnap Grenade

Transfusion Grenade