Grim Dawn Gives Players An In-Depth Look At The Upcoming Expansion And Inquisitor Class

grim dawn phoenix fireLate last year, Grim Dawn developer Crate Entertainment revealed that they were working on the action RPG’s first expansion, which will include two new classes: the Necromancer and the Inquisitor. A few months down the line and fans are still twiddling their thumbs waiting for the developers to confirm a specific date for the expansion’s release. So far, all we know is that it’s some time in Q2 or Q3 2017.

What we do know is that aside from new Devotion Constellations, the expansion will also feature new Celestial Procs along with additional ranks for existing ones. Crate Entertainment explains in a latest dev blog:

“Previously, we revealed that the expansion will feature 14 new Devotion Constellations. What we did not tell you though is that something is also coming to existing Constellations. Every Celestial Proc in the game will be receiving 5 more ranks, allowing them to reach even greater limits of power!

Adding to that, of the 14 new Constellations, 8 will feature brand new Celestial Procs as well, for even more options when battling the fiends of the void and the aether.”

Crate Entertainment also released two 1 ½ hour gameplay streams earlier this week giving fans an in-depth look at the upcoming expansion and the new Inquisitor class. You can find both videos right after the jump, or head over to the Grim Dawn official forums for more info.

  • darkfyra

    Diablo 3 give you only one new class(Necromancer) as DLC,Grim Dawn on the other side give you two classes,choice is easy what I will buy,also I know it won't be mobilified like Torchlight,so I won't see crappy version on mobile.