Hellion Challenges Players To Survive Space Today

Following a short delay that was announced late last month, Hellion officially launched on Steam Early Access earlier today. The game challenges players to survive in an abandoned colony in the far reaches of space. The game world is fairly realistic, requiring players to keep up with the amount of air they have at all times, as well as find fuel for their vessels. The game also makes use of Newtonian physics, meaning that getting around in zero gravity will be fairly challenging.

The currently Early Access version includes the most basic core gameplay. Players can "salvage derelict station modules" to get "parts and resources" that can be used to build their bases or improve their equipment. Mining and refining are also in, as is the ability to leave the station while not in a vehicle and explore space. Additionally, players can take part in PvP, should they want to.

Some of the features that are planned for future updates are as follows.

Future patches will add fully modular ship and equipment customization, ship to ship combat, asteroid ship mining, gas giant harvesting, realistic wound mechanics, suit damage and degradation, as well as allow building and hacking a security system and much more.

You can read more about Hellion's features here.

Zero Gravity Creative Director Marko Smiljanic had the following to say about the announcement.

Launching Hellion on Steam Early Access is a big step forward for us. The PC player base is extremely varied and demanding so having access to it during the development process allows us shape Hellion into what sci-fi fans really want.

Should you want to try the game out, it is now available on Steam Early Access for $24.99.