Hellion Gets Its First Major Update Next Week

hellion serenity shipSci-fi sandbox survival MMO, Hellion, is getting a massive content update on June 22nd. Content Update 2.0 will be the first major update to the game since it entered Early Access in late February. Zero Gravity talks about the upcoming changes in a recent dev blog:

“The 0.2 update also includes a female character, ship and station customization (naming and interior design); new weapons and ways to secure your belongings, and to make a pirate’s life in Hellion much harder: authorized personnel list (locking/unlocking doors) and defense turrets. This update makes way to a new loot distribution system divided in zones (civilian, industrial, military), “doomed outposts” as world events, inventory changes, a number of new items…and plenty more!”

Aside from new content, the update will also include significant improvements to the game’s optimization and stability, along with enhanced flight and navigation systems. Zero Gravity will be releasing the detailed patch notes on Monday, June 19th. In the meantime, check out the official gameplay trailer for Hellion 0.2 after the break.