Heroes & Generals Developer RETO MOTO Receives $5m Investment

RETO MOTO, the developer behind the World War 2 MMO shooter Heroes and Generals, raised $5 million from a Nordisk Film in exchange for a minority stake in the company. Additional terms of the deal weren't disclosed. While Heroes & Generals isn't the biggest MMO on Steam, the game averages a respectable 4,260 players online at any given time according to Steamcharts. The game originally launched on July 11th, 2014 but only left early access last year.

RETO MOTO is a Danish game studio based in Cophenhagen. Heroes and Generals is currently their only game so I suspect the money will be spent further developing the title and trying to expand its reach. Heroes and Generals is a unique WW2 shooter that blends traditional lobby scale FPS elements with larger persistent world elements where individual games impact a larger ongoing battle. Heroes & Generals bills itself as the "Ultimate WW2 Game".