WW2 MMOFPS Heroes and Generals Launches Biggest Update Ever

Heroes and Generals from the Danish game studio Reto Moto launched their 'Deploy! Drive! Destroy!' update this week which is being dubbed by the developer as its biggest update ever. The update rebalances more than 70 vehicles as well as introduces a new armor system to the game for vehicles.

“In the ‘Deploy! Drive! Destroy!’-update we ripped out key elements of the game and rebuilt them for a richer and deeper gameplay experience. We not only wanted to make heavy tanks as badass as you would expect, we wanted to add value to ALL vehicles in Heroes & Generals and create a diverse and balanced battlefield,” tells Jacob Andersen, Game Director at RETO MOTO.

Heroes and Generals is a World War 2 MMOFPS game with persistent elements and faction war. Although games take place in lobbies, they impact a larger scale war happening in the background. The game averages over 3,000 players online at any given time according to Steamcharts, making it one of the more popular free to play FPS games on Steam.

Deploy! Drive! Destroy!’-update includes:

  • New armor system for all vehicles. Now it really DOES matter WHERE and HOW you attack an enemy vehicle.
  • New damage system lets you immobilize vehicles with critical hits to components such as engine, fuel tank or ammunition, gun turret, wing, rudder and so on.
  • Vehicle handling has been upgraded and every vehicle have had their physics redone from scratch.
  • New terrain system implemented on all maps makes sure roads, grass and mud affects your driving just like you would expect.
  • Simpler and more flexible deploy system makes it easier to setup a squad with your friends and play the soldier you want to play in battle.