Heroes Of The Storm Loot Chests Can Now Be Bought With Gold On The PTR

heroes of the storm clash meteorLockboxes have been a controversial issue in the gaming world for quite some time now with big name publishers opting to do away with them entirely rather than face investigation and possible fines. Blizzard Entertainment seems to be taking a different course of action if the latest Heroes of the Storm Public Test Realm patch is any indication.

As part of the new patch, loot chests can no longer be purchased with Gems. Instead, they can now be bought for 3000 Gold each. These will make loot chests readily available to anyone with enough patience and enough Gold to spend rather than a premium money-making commodity.

The patch also decreases negative armor from -25 to -75 and brings with it a number of changes to Hero Roles. In addition, the patch also introduces the new Caldeum Complex event starring Chromie, tweaks to the Storm League, and changes to Chromie, Lunara, and Lucio.

You’ll find the detailed list of changes on the full patch notes on the Heroes of the Storm official site.