InnoGames TV's March Episode Unveils Elvenar's Fairies, More


InnoGames TV's March Episode is here, which means that more reveals for InnoGames titles are here. The big news of this update is the addition of Fairies to Elvenar as a guest race. Fairies are obtained by "[building] a new settlement after the dwarves move out." Obtaining them will grant players new buildings, technologies, "squad size upgrades," and "strategic decisions." New units and two Ancient Wonders will be added shortly after their initial launch. One of the Ancient Wonders—pictured above—helps with "supply production" while the other "boosts trading skills and guest race productions."

Several smaller updates are provided for their other titles. Forge of Empires has a new Easter event. Tribal Wars has a new event called Noble's Fair. Grepolis has new mobile forums.

You can watch the new episode below.