Jagex is Working on a New F2P MMO

Jagex, the company best known for Runescape, has another free to play MMO in the works according to a new job posting for a Senior Game Designer in the UK. No word on what the new MMO will be, but based on a previous announcement it will likely be powered by SpatialOS. It could also be related to "Runescape Next-Gen" which was supposedly leaked by accident in the past.

Jagex has tried to diversify their games portfolio in the past with the launch of Chronicle: Runescape Legends, Block n Load, 8Realms, Fun Orb, War of Legends, Stellar Dawn, and several other titles. Despite their efforts none of their projects even came close to the success achieved by Runescape. Time will tell whether this new MMO will succeed or not.


Job Posting Senior Game Designer

Job Posting Gameplay Programmer