Justice Set To Enter Closed Beta In July In China


Those of you that are excited to try out NetEase's next—and last—major PC MMORPG release, Justice, will have to wait just a bit longer. According to 2p, it was announced recently that the first Closed Beta for the Chinese version of the game will be happening in July. It's quite the advance notice, and we don't even know what gameplay looks like yet, but that's when you can expect to be able to play the game.

2p is also reporting that the Closed Beta will give players access to seven classes and all of the game's story up to level 60. The game features no safe zones, meaning that PvP can happen at any time. Additionally, players can manage their own businesses in the game's cities and NetEase is boasting that the game features more complex interactions with NPCs, such as the ability to date NPCs.

While the first Closed Beta in July will be exclusive to China, the fact that it is a NetEase game means that there will likely be an easy way to obtain a Closed Beta account, much like Revelation Online and Twilight Spirits before it. We'll have more information about whether or not you will be able to play the game from outside of China as the Closed Beta draws nearer.

Also keep in mind that, despite having an "official English name," a Western release has yet to be confirmed.