NetEase Shows Off First Justice In-Game Footage


It's only been a week since NetEase announced that Treacherous Waters Online would be known as Justice in English and that the game's Beta testing schedule would be announced soon, but the company has already followed up on the announcement by releasing an in-game trailer. The trailer is more of a teaser than a proper trailer, so we aren't able to see the game's combat, UI, or any other gameplay elements. Instead, we get an in-depth look at the various graphical effects that are being used in the game.

Frankly, if what we see in the trailer is what it will look like when we're playing it, the game is gorgeous. The lighting effects are insanely nice, even when they are composed of orange rays of light shining through a window as the sun sets. The cloth physics are fairly nice. The rain effects make you feel as if you're actually in a storm. What I was perhaps most impressed by, however, is how nice the lightning looked; they even got the way that it lights up the valley surrounding it right.

You can find the new video embedded below.