NetEase Releases First Justice Gameplay Trailer, Beta Begins July 21st

NetEase finally released the first trailer for its last major PC MMORPG Justice recently and, thanks to 2p, we have said footage. The footage shown is a bit overindulgent, but it looks fairly impressive so far. Due to the constantly shifting camera angle, it's a bit hard to tell, but it seems that the game will primarily employ an overhead isometric camera.

According to 2p, the character shown is a playable character called "Iron Fist" and he is basically the equivalent of a Kung Fu Master class. The video supposedly shows off part of Iron Fist's main story, in which he is ambushed and has to fight off his attackers.

It is also noted that NetEase has boasted quite a bit of freedom of choice within the world of Justice. Players' actions, and even their reactions to NPCs, are said to play a large role in their stories.

NetEase also announced over the weekend that Justice's first Beta test is set to begin on July 21st in China. It is unknown at this time whether Westerners will be able to sign up for said Beta test, but should you want to try, you can find our guide for setting up a Chinese NetEase account here.