Kritika Global Arrives On Steam With The Same Ridiculous Monetization Scheme

kritika global mmo brawler western version key art

Kritika Global, the play-to-earn reboot of the Korean anime-styled fantasy MMORPG, has made its way to Steam but without any plans to add NFTs or blockchain features. This is due to Steam’s strict policy against blockchain and play-to-earn games, although I don’t really get why its developer, ALLM, decided to release the game on the platform when it was readily available outside of it.

To celebrate the game’s Steam launch, ALLM handing out reward bundles for logging in and reaching level 70. Several celebratory item bundles are also being offered in the cash shop for a limited time.

Unfortunately, players are still limited to just one character and will need to pay $50 each to create additional ones. This monetization scheme undeniably makes sense when it’s a play-to-earn game even though it’s nearly a decade old but not for a traditional free-to-play relaunch. Players will also have to pay for additional inventory slots which hasn’t helped its popularity with Steam users.

Kritika Global set an all-time peak concurrency record of just 84 players yesterday, which is a far cry from the nearly 3,800 all-time peak concurrency that Kritika Reboot set when it launched in November 2019.

As for the non-Steam version, it’s still pretty much a standard MMORPG since play-to-earn features won’t be added until later this year.