Lawbreakers Unveils Q4 2017 Roadmap, New Onboarding Experience Planned

lawbreakers reactor wraithIt’s only been a month since gravity-defying FPS LawBreakers officially launched but Nexon and Boss Key Productions already have big things planned for the game in Q4 2017.

“As we approach the 1 month post launch mark, we want to share our vision for the rest of the LawBreakers year. While we have mentioned some of the planned updates in tweets, or talked about potential new modes, and even teased new features in the game…we have never made a full announcement of what we on the LawBreakers team are committed to bringing our players in 2017 (and beyond). That changes right now.”

Starting this month and right up until the end of the year, the devs will be introducing a number of new features into the game including the new Namsan map, a Skrimishes game mode, a Blitzball arena map, and a new onboarding experience to help new players hit the ground running. Competitive Ranked Mode, called Boss Leagues, will also be introduced in the last quarter of the year.

By the end of the year the team also plans to release a new class and the new forest-themed Valhalla map. In addition to these features, the developers will also be working on improving the game based on feedback they receive from players.

Communications Manager Rohan Rivas talks about the upcoming changes in the Rapid Fire Dev Update video after the break. You can also head over to the LawBreakers official site for more info.