Linkrealms Beta Key Giveaway

linkrealms-top has partnered up with indie game developer Mythyn Interactive to give away 100 beta keys for their upcoming sandbox MMORPG Linkrealms, which is slated to begin its Fall beta on October 31, 2015. For those that haven't heard of Linkrealms, you can learn more about it on the game's Steam page here. It's slated to launch in 2016 and will be free to play. The game bills itself as an "old school" sandbox MMORPG and focuses more on gameplay than graphics. Visually, the game looks a bit like a mix between Ultima Online and Runescape.

In order to redeem the beta key you receive here, simply create an account on the official website, log in to your account, click "account info" at the top right, then submit your beta key on the "access to the beta" form. Remember, the beta begins on Oct 31!

[keys id=83502]

Linkrealms - Official Trailer



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