LuckCatchers Launches On Steam Early Access


Before today, LuckCatchers had only a "June 2016" release date on Steam. Today, however, the free-to-play steampunk EVE Online-esque title based on the Alexey Pehov novel of the same name launched unexpectedly onto Steam Early Access.

LuckCatchers is a game that I have played quite a bit leading up to its Steam Release. The game is almost calming with its real-life travel times that take upwards of an hour and an initial focus on trading goods and attempting to build yourself a settlement. Unlike its nearest comparison, players can take part in active combat by manning their airship's guns and shooting down threats like dragons manually. Or they could just leave it to the AI that often shoots exponentially better than anyone could hope to.

The game is monetized using a premium currency called Gold. All skills must be paid for with in-game currency, initiating a skill training timer of several hours or days, depending. There is a free economy allowing players to sell anything for price, including Gold for in-game currency. As it stands, the game is pay-to-advance-very-fast. Everyone earns 5 Gold per hour played automatically and, much like EVE, you have to know what you're doing to survive, but I am aware that some people dislike monetization of this kind.

According to the Steam store page, the game will see a full launch in autumn 2016 and there are no plans for any server wipes. The price of Gold will not change and the 5 Gold per hour mechanic will not be removed.