LuckCatchers Launches Suddenly


LuckCatchers hasn't caught a lot of luck in its time on Steam. I rather liked the EVE-like steampunk sandbox and thought it was quite atmospheric, but the playerbase has steadily declined since a month after launch. Today, it launched seemingly out of nowhere, with no announcement to be found. Update V0.1.50 went live yesterday, but there's no indication that there were any plans to launch as of that update.

Perhaps this is just another unfortunate misstep in the LuckCatchers saga. According to Steam Reviews, the price of the game's premium currency, Gold, has gone up since it initially entered Alpha and players have found various development decisions to be questionable. Perhaps it was just an error and the Early Access label will return soon.

Regardless, for the time being, it seems that LuckCatchers has launched and that the launch has brought with it a new influx of players. There has not been a better time to join in than now in months. If you are even marginally interested, you can download the game from Steam now completely free of charge.