Magic: Legends Will Offer A Dynamic Gameplay Experience With The Help Of The ‘Director’

magic legends swiftness bannerPredictability is never a good thing when it comes to MMOs, which is why Cryptic Studios is hoping to make each run in Magic: Legends as unique as possible with the ‘Director’ system. According to a recent dev blog, the system will offer a dynamic gameplay experience to make the game more fun to play through.

“This system controls which enemies spawn, where they spawn, and when they spawn. Rather than being purely random, it monitors your progress and tries to create challenges that both enrich and enliven your adventures through the Multiverse. You can think of it a bit like a film director, or the dungeon master leading a tabletop game.”

The Director will have full control over the pacing of a mission and the number and variety of enemies that spawn while running invisibly in the background. “The goal is to create the subconscious sense of pacing gotten from watching an epic film while keeping you engaged,” the studio explains. “It makes sure that you fight enemies that are thematically appropriate but has enough to create variety from session to session.”

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