Magic: Legends Free-To-Play Monetization System Explained

magic legends horned monster banner

Magic: Legends Executive Producer Stephen Ricossa shares the details of the monetization system that they will be implementing in the upcoming Magic: The Gathering-inspired MMOARPG. According to Ricossa, the game will be free-to-play without paid DLCs, updates, or missions. “Our goal is for the entire game to be playable and fun from beginning through endgame and beyond without having to [...]

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New Magic: Legends Dev Blog Talks About Their Own Version Of Player Housing Called ‘Realms’

magic legends realms banner

Magic: Legends published a new dev blog today that talks about the game’s Realms feature, Cryptic Studio’s take on player housing. But unlike most MMORPGs, these Realms will be more than just a place to chill or show off your house décor but will also provide various in-game combat benefits. “In the existing Magic lore, a handful of powerful planeswalkers [...]

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New Magic: Legends Dev Diary Spotlights The Beastcaller Class

magic legends beastcaller concept art banner

Calling all Magic: The Gathering fans! Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios has just published a new Magic Legends dev diary showcasing the Beastcaller class and the design inspiration for the animal-loving melee fighter. “The Beastcaller personifies the primal might associated with green mana and the beasts it brings to life, drawing inspiration from two very famous Magic planeswalkers. Garruk [...]

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Magic: Legends Gameplay Trailer Revealed

magic legends spiders banner

Perfect World and Cryptic Studios revealed the first ever gameplay trailer for their upcoming Magic the Gathering themed MMO "Magic: Legends". Check it out below: The game's UI looks extremely lightweight for an MMO. In fact, it looks like the game was optimized for console or mobile based on just how few buttons there are on the screen. The gameplay [...]

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