MapleStory 14th Anniversary Festivities Now In Full Swing, Exclusive Rewards Up For Grabs

maplestory pink bean scooterThe MapleStory 14th Anniversary celebration is well underway with a boatload of fun and rewarding events happening on 14th Street from today until June 12th. Participate in events to earn 14th Street Coin which can be exchanged for exclusive gifts in the Big Bang Store. The Pink Bean playable job will also be making a comeback as part of the festivities.

“Pink Bean is a Warrior-type character with a STR-focused build. When out hunting monsters in Maple World, Maplers controlled by Black Bean will appear and attack Pink Bean instead of elite monsters. In addition to his previous skills, he also comes with two unique new skills: Pink Bean's Scooter and Twilight of Gods!”

Help Pink Bean complete his movie script questline to earn even more rewards not only for Pink Bean but for your normal characters as well. Take on Pink Bean Movie Script missions to get pink rewards including a Pink Bean Partner Mount, Pink Bean Balloon Mount, Pink Bean Damage Skin coupon, and a Pom Pom Pink Bean Chair. Completing all 30 missions will also reward you with the stat-boosting Holy Pink Beanity title.

Maplers can also participate in various events named after previous content such as Chaos, Nova, and Ark, and even become a 14th Street Celebrity! You’ll find the full schedule of anniversary events over at the MapleStory 2 official site.