MMO Dual Universe Developer Novaquark Raises $3.7M From Investors

Indie MMO developer Novaquark announced yesterday that they raised $3.7M from private investors to continue the development of their upcoming game Dual Universe. This recent fundraising brings their total funding to $7.4 million, which includes the $670K they raised from Kickstarter. According to their original Kickstarter page, they expect to deliver the game in December, 2018.

Dual Universe is an ambitious first person sandbox sci-fi MMORPG with a single huge shared universe. The game utilizes procedural generation with a single seemless world without any zoning. While the concept sounds quite amazing, I'll reserve judgement till I can actually play it myself. I am impressed though that Novaquark was able to secure most of their funding from private investors, which makes me more optimistic about the project than most other Kickstarter MMORPGs.