Bandai Namco Announces Blue Protocol New Unreal Engine 4 PC Action MMORPG

Bandai Namco announced a brand new Unreal Engine 4 powered MMORPG today in Japan titled Blue Protocol. This is the second non-mobile MMORPG to be announced by Bandai Namco in the recent year, the first being Bless Unleashed for consoles. Blue Protocol is billed as an online multiplayer RPG with action combat. The game is based on an entirely new IP and features gorgeous Kurtzpel like anime graphics.

Unfortunately this was announced in Japan only for the time being and is still in development, so a Western release could be years away. No word on the business model either. But given that Bandai Namco primarily specializes in mobile games these days, it's great to see them working on a PC action MMO.