Mobile Aion Spinoff Aion: Legions of War Launching on January 24

NCSoft announced today that they're launching Aion: Legions of War on January 24, 2019. While the game features auto-play elements like many other mobile titles, it was created by the team behind the original AION game on the PC.

With 20 years of history as a leader in the MMORPG space, including the runaway success of Lineage M in 2017, NCSOFT has set a high bar set for creating a mobile game based on its top franchises”, said Justin Kubiak, vice president of mobile publishing. “Later this month, players will finally get to experience the results of our RPG pedigree with high-powered graphics that redefine what mobile games are capable of”.

Interestingly, despite NCSoft touting Aion: Legion of War as a new title, the game has been available in English for over a year in Southeast Asia, but this is the first time its launching in the West.

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