Moonrise Coming To Steam Early Access

Undead Labs' unique monster collecting tactical-battler, Moonrise, is set to launch into Steam Early Access on May 27th.   The game features the depth of a collectible card game, in which players collect and build a perfect team of creatures known as, Solari.   However, the game also has the speed an challenge of a head-to-head fighting game with intense real-time tactical battles.  From watching the videos, the game sort of seems like a mix between pokemon, tactical rpg and arena fighter.

The game is planning to release onto early access with two premium content bundles priced at 14.99 and 19.99 which features early access content as well as discounts on in-game items for early adopters. Similar to H1Z1, Moonrise will be FREE TO PLAY after its early access testing. Those that want to get-in on the Early access do have to purchase the game though.

You can check out the official website here!