Mortal Online Developers Address Steam Launch

After Mortal Online's Steam launch last week, and all of the server issues that came with it, you might be wondering how the game is faring. Are servers stable now? Where's the subscription I paid for? Star Vault address all of this in their latest Steam Announcement.

The most important thing noted is that the servers should be stable now. The developers spent sleepless nights over the weekend fixing the problem and they are fairly sure they have it sorted out. To compensate for the influx of players, they've also reworked the queuing system and increased spawn rates in new player areas. This is all necessary because the amount of registered characters has doubled in the past week. As they put it, the Steam launch brought in an equal amount of characters to the amount made in the previous five years that the game has been online.

Subscriptions paid for through Steam were also having issues with large delays between payment and activation. The team think they have fixed this and your subscription should activate at your next login now. If it is not activated immediately, it should be within minutes.

The next patch should be soon and will mostly contain hotfixes. With the influx of characters, they've found a number of clipping issues leading to players getting stuck and fixed them. A fix for players getting stuck in a loading loop will also be in this patch.