MU Origin's First Major Content Update Adds Guild Vs. Guild PvP


WEBZEN announced today that MU Origin, the mobile spin-off of its flagship title MU Online, has received its first major content update. The update brings with it the first Guild vs. Guild PvP content. Guilds can now take part in "a real-time GvG battle titled Loren Castle Siege" and earn rewards in the process. Guilds now also have access to Guild Bosses and the Guild Shop.

A new party dungeon called "Labyrinth of Dimensions" has been added. The dungeon pits groups of players against the "death beholder."

In going with the new content, the game's level cap has been raised to "Rebirth 8 and Level 100."

The update also introduces improvements to the Pet and Aether Systems. Said improvements are described as follows.

Players will be able to summon various pets to aid you in their battles. With the power of their pet, they can utilize the power of insignias to enhance their character's strength further.

As an added bonus, all players who log in within the next week will be given one free Epic Pet Ticket. An event also went live today, but the details of said event have yet to be disclosed on the official website.