NCSoft Reveals 2017 Release Schedules for Games


NCSoft reported their Q4 2016 earnings report today and aside from just releasing numbers we got some information about release dates in their Q&A session with investors and analysts.

Lineage Eternal - First round of closed beta test ended last year and a second phase is set to start sometime this year with an open beta/launch also scheduled for 2017 (KR). The Western version of the game will launch the mobile and PC versions simultaneously as originally promised. So we know the KR version is expected to launch this year, but nothing firm for the Western version, but I suspect it won't be too far behind, so 2017 release for the West is still in the cards.

Lineage-M - Was originally supposed to launch in Q1, 2017 but has been delayed. Currently expected to launch something in the first half of 2017.

Master x Master - Additional testing in KR is scheduled for Q1 2017 followed by more beta tests in Q2 2017 in North America. At least we know we'll be able to play Master x Master again this summer. No word on whether these tests are closed beta or open beta, but I suspect they are closed.

Aion Legions - Western release is set for Q2 2017.

Blade & Soul Mobile - No release date. Another year of development expected.

One analyst asked a question about Lineage 2: Revolution and how it is performing, but NCSoft was unable to provide a meaningful answer as the game is licensed by Netmarble and they only receive limited data from their partner along with a royalty check. But they did say that over 2 million people have downloaded the game so far.

Another analyst asked how the launch of Lineage-M will effect Lineage sales (Lineage M is a mobile version of the original Lineage game). NCSoft simply answered that they are studying the issue but expect it to overall attract new users.

I'm personally most excited about Lineage Eternal. If not this year, it should probably launch early 2018 in the West if I had to guess. We do know a 2017 launch is planned for the South Korean version.