NCSoft Reveals 2017 Release Schedules for Games

NCSoft reported their Q4 2016 earnings report today and aside from just releasing numbers we got some information about release dates in their Q&A session with investors and analysts. Lineage Eternal - First round of closed beta test ended last year and a second phase is set to start sometime this year with an open beta/launch also scheduled for 2017 (KR). [...]

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Lineage Eternal Datamining Reveals That It May Already Be In English

Lineage Eternal's first Closed Beta won't begin until November 30th, but the client is already available to pre-load. As with any major release, dataminers have begun to search through the files, finding maps of several zones, alternate skins for an assortment of heroes, the default—and perhaps only—keyboard layout, and more. Several gameplay features have also been uncovered, including the fact [...]

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Lineage Eternal Closed Beta May Happen In Novemeber

Calendaring isn't easy, but NCSoft is trying to schedule Lineage Eternal's Closed Beta test for this November, according to Steparu. It will probably only occur in South Korea, but a global release will follow. NCSoft stated that the game would see a "simultaneous worldwide global release" back in 2014. The direct sequel to the original Lineage is an ARPG, drawing inspiration [...]

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