Nebula Online Hits Steam Early Access On January 5th


Nebula Online is a cross-platform space MMORPG that is claiming to be a truly free-to-play game, previously boasting "no free-to-play limitations, no cash shop, and no hidden costs—not even a monthly sub" during its failed Kickstarter. After an extra nine months in development following the end of the Kickstarter, the game launched earlier this month on Google Play, the Amazon Store, Facebook, and in-browser.

The Steam version—now appearing to look closer in graphical quality to the Android version than it did initially—was originally scheduled to launch into Steam Early Access on December 28th. A mix-up with Valve has caused the launch to be delayed until January 5th. It is unclear at this point what the game will cost. The store page only mentions that the price will change between Early Access and launch.

Nebula Online pitches itself as "an old-school, hardcore sci-fi MMORPG." Players can choose between three races, explore the galaxy, and fight in real-time. Space stations can be built. Players can trade in a player-run economy. Foreign territories can be occupied. One of the few reviews on Google Play compares it favorably to a simpler, cross-platform version of EvE Online.