Nebula Online Launches On Steam Early Access


Following a small snafu with the release time, Nebula Online is now live on Steam Early Access. The current build allows you to choose from three unique races, take part in real-time battles, influence the player-driven economy, build your own space stations, and more. Each ship is in the game is built from multiple parts, rather than being a set design. The developers hope that this will allow a universe in which no two ships are exactly alike.

Nebula Online is planned to remain in Early Access for five to six months. During this time, they want to improve the graphical quality, add new items and "more unique craft systems," and allow players to land on planets. Yes, this indie EvE Online-like is planning to add planetary landings. It will be interesting to see how it turns out. During this time the developers "want to involve community players in development of the game as much as possible." So far, they seem to have done a good job by personally responding to all queries in the Community Discussions.

As of right now, the game is a $4.99 buy-to-play title on Steam and free-to-play in-browser and on Android. The final business model is up in the air but, due to its Android release, may not trend towards buy-to-play. If you want to help decide, now is the time to cast your vote.