Cross-Platform Sci-Fi MMO Nebula Online Is Leaving Early Access On November 3rd


KISS and Mizar Games announced today that their EVE-like cross-platform sci-fi MMO, Nebula Online, will be officially launching on November 3rd, leaving Steam Early Access behind in some other galaxy. At launch, the game will have been in Early Access for approximately 10 months, having initially launched on Early Access on January 5th.

In Nebula Online, players choose one of three factions and set out to help their faction take over the universe. Along the way, they can fight mobs, customize their ships using parts that change both stats and cosmetics, build space stations that they designed in the open world, take part in the player-run economy, and more.

The game's key features are as follows.

  • 3 solar system types
  • Real time PvP battles
  • Choose between 3 different races: Humans, Borguzands and Kriptizids
  • Design you own space ships and space stations
  • Control your economy
  • Explore an infinite universe
  • Vote for your leaders
  • Occupy foreign territory
  • Cross-platform gameplay
  • 27 Steam Achievements
  • Steam Trading Cards
  • Steam Cloud

Nebula Online is currently available on Steam Early Access for $4.99. It is unknown at this time whether the price will be increased or decreased at launch.