Neowiz Reveals Bless Online's Steam Release Changes

Bless is still scheduled to launch on Steam early access as a buy to play title in late may, and to keep us excited Neowiz released some new information today outlining the differences between the Steam version and the base Korean / Russian versions of the game. There's been a lot of changes to the game since I first played it and i'm excited to try the new version. The biggest changes seem to be related to the game's combat system and monetization systems. Combat should be faster paced and more action oriented and the cash shop should be much less pay2win (at least that's what they're saying).

Combat System Restructuring

Rhythmic Combat

  • Players need to pick two stance skills out of six, as well as four general skills that will go well with their class. Using these skills in combos during combat will lead to extra effects (1. Select a stance, 2. Use your starting skill 3. Use a skill combo).
  • In combat, there is more action and it has gotten more difficult due to the new dynamic combo system. Depending on how good a player is at making combos, they can bring out the full potential of their class.

Restructuring Growth Mechanics

  • We have rebuilt the mechanics behind both skill acquisition and skill leveling. In the Steam version, in addition to advancing your equipment, learning and leveling up skills are main parts of growing your character.
  • There is a variety of ways to obtain the gems that are used to level skills. As we aim to avoid P2W, the amount of money you spend on the game will not affect the amount of gems you can get.
Party Buffs
  • We believe that the best way to enjoy any MMORPG is by playing with others. As an incentive for players to play the game with a variety of people, we have decided to introduce party benefits!
  • Depending on the number of members, classes, and races of the party members, the party leader can choose one combat effect and one lifestyle (non-combat) effect from a selection to be applied to party members!
  • With this feature we hope that not only those who enjoy combat, but also those who prefer the lifestyle (non-combat) aspects of MMORPGs can enjoy playing with other players!
User Friendly Monetization

Everyone will love our in-game shops!
Along with having no P2W in the Steam version, Bless Online’s monetization system will be user friendly.

  • Content token shop: We have designed it so that players can use content tokens (special in-game currency earned by just playing the game) to purchase functional items.
  • Lumena shop: Players can use Lumena (in-game currency purchased using real money) to buy a variety of convenience and cosmetic items.
  • Also, with the addition of the Lumena Exchange Center (name is WIP), players will be able to convert their content tokens into Lumena. This feature will allow even players who only buy the game (and nothing more!) the ability to use the Lumena shop to purchase convenience and cosmetic items.

Tutorial Zone

  • Many new players reported that they did not have the best experience playing Bless due to the game being designed with experienced MMORPG players in mind.
  • In the Steam version, there will be a new area specifically for new players to practice basic skills. Those who are experienced MMORPG players or who already know the basics can skip this, but even if you skip or complete the tutorial, you can always go back to it.

Guide Quests

  • These quests will teach you things the tutorial does not.
  • They are much easier to understand than the pre-existing introductory quests.

Improved Content Pacing

  • In Bless, players can take part in most activities even if they are only level 1. As a result, some new users reported difficulty in knowing where they are supposed to start.
  • To address this, we have improved the pacing at which users are exposed to new content so that they can adjust to Bless in stages instead of being overwhelmed right from the beginning.

Upgraded Monsters

  • In Bless, players level up through PvE combat and by experiencing a variety of events. As much of the PvE combat was relatively easy and repetitive, most players were quickly bored.
  • In order to solve this problem, we have updated the mobs with special skills. We are also currently developing more features that will make leveling up an exciting adventure!