Netmarble Sales Up 40.4%, Overseas Sales Account For 51% Of Sales


Netmarble Games had a pretty strong year in 2016. Lineage 2: Revolution alone brought the company over $41 million over a period of two weeks. But it's not just Lineage 2: Revolution that is doing well. The entire company has seen a sales increase of 40.4% year-over-year, totaling 1.5 trillion won or approximately $1.3 billion, as well as an operating profit increase of 31.1% year-over-year, totaling 225 billion won.

The increase is due in part to a massive increase in overseas sales, which accounted for 51% of all of Netmarble's sales last year, a stunning 23% increase over 2015's overseas sales. This is the first time in the company's history that overseas sales have been the majority of its sales, however slight that majority may be.


From top to bottom, the rows are Sales, Overseas Sales, and Operating Profit.

The company credits the strength of Seven Knights, a game that translates to "Marvel of All," Stone Age, and Lineage 2: Revolution, all of which did well overseas. Lineage 2: Revolution's $5 million on the first day and $41 million in the first two weeks figures are noted, as is the fact that Seven Knights hit third place on the Japanese App Store's Top Grossing chart in June and maintained its Top Grossing status into the fourth quarter.

Netmarble CEO Kwon Young-Sik had the following to say about the 2016 financial statement.

We have been continuously challenging our global markets to achieve results in target markets such as the US, China, and Japan, and the results have been coming out since last year. This year, I will concentrate on achieving higher performance.

It is also noted that Netmarble is working on quite a few new games in a number of properties, including Blade and Soul, GI Joe, King of Fighters, and TERA. It is also working on a Seven Knights MMORPG and a Stone Age MMORPG, both of which use its properties.

A number of specific titles in development were also mentioned. They are Destiny 6, Firstborn, Icarus M, Phantom Storm, Trendy Town (placeholder title), Yokai, and Yokai Watch Medal Wars (placeholder title).

Thanks to Insprata for help with translations.