Neverwinter China's PC Version To Shut Down On May 19th


Here in the West, Perfect World Entertainment has all but stopped releasing the MMORPGs that it develops for the Chinese market, such as the latest version of Jade Dynasty, which is known as "Zhu Xian 3" in China, and Mount Shu Chronicles. Instead, it has focused on a strict model of obtaining the publishing rights for, and often the companies that develop, Western games, which also get published in China.

Neverwinter has done pretty well here in the West, but it doesn't seem to be doing quite as well in China, as Perfect World announced that the PC version will be shutting down on May 19th. The game was previously an Xbox One launch title in China in addition to its releases on PC and PS4. Curiously, as of this writing, the PS4 and Xbox One versions appear to be unaffectedand will continue to stay online for the time being.

The news comes shortly after the official announcement of the upcoming expansion, The Cloaked Ascendancy, which will be launching here in the West on February 21st.